Infrastructure Program

Funding needed infrastructure projects not funded by government allocation. Facilitating alumni and batch legacy infrastructure projects.

Our Purpose is “to maintain educational excellence (in the PSHS) by bridging the gap between available government funds and the actual financial requirements needed by the school.

We undertake or fund necessary repairs of the school’s physical facilities e.g., renovation of the Chemistry and Biology Units.

We help the school by raising funds for the upgrade or refurbishing or renovation or finishing of facilities and infrastructure.

In consultation with the school, based on need, the donor determines which infrastructure or facility shall be the target of his/her donation.

Enabling godchildren. Creating opportunities for holistic growth. Fostering character development. Providing fun experiences.

The Godparent Program is now the other flagship program of the Foundation, a Program that does not just provide financial assistance, but also fosters the holistic growth of the godchildren.

We are continuously growing the Godchildren Care Fund which ensures sustained support for all other activities of the Godparent Program.

Major donor of the Godchildren Care Fund, CONCEPT CLOTHING Co, Inc. chose to celebrate the 40th anniversary of their Sahara Brand with the godchildren! Mr. Benito and Mrs. Huya Lim are long time donors and supporters of the Godparent Program and the PSHS.

We monitor academic performance.

Godchildren who need help are given tutors, usually former godchildren now in college.

Godchildren who shine are given recognition.. The Foundation takes pride in the Godchildren Merit Awardees – godchildren who are in the Director’s List or who brings honor to the school as recipients of awards, like, the Oblation Award of the University of the Philippines, or as winners of competitions.

Godchildren Merit Awards. Yes they get “envelopes” as a reward for their hard work. Beaming.

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